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“27 signs of hidden neck problem”

“27 signs of hidden neck problem”

Pins and Needles | Headache | Migraine | Arm Pain | Spine Pain | Chronic Conditions

When your body gets locked into stress, pain, and chronic conditions, we help unlock it – this checklist will help you find out if an hidden neck injury is part of your problem

Big and small accidents cause your body to shift and lock down into a stressed position. You can see it for yourself in the mirror, if you know what to look for. Some talk about shifting posture. And many others just ignore it. But at Life In Alignment, we see consistent changes in your chronic pain and other conditions using a specific protocol to unlock the spine and bring it to better balance.

And we do it, through a gentle touch to the neck.

This is our online assessment page for potential upper cervical chiropractic patients. The results of our checklist (available via email) will help you determine if you are a candidate for our gentle form of chiropractic care.

Request a copy of the email checklist and you will learn:

  • A three second movement you can do in the mirror to reveal three different symptoms of a hidden neck injury
  • If this symptom happens when you move your head (a symptom that is often unsuccessfully managed with prescription meds), it is a definite sign of an undiagnosed neck injury
  • How to tell if your shoulder alignment might be a source of chronic pain
  • What that chronic, nagging pain between your shoulder blades might mean
  • What an old pair of your shoes says about your spinal balance
  • How the belt around your waist can reveal something important about your lower back
  • What a tailor or seamstress might have told you about your inseam that reveals a problem in your body alignment
  • Three ways your birth could have been the root of many of your neck issues
  • What two, common chronic digestive problems could be the sign of an undiagnosed neck problem
  • The one symptom that often shows up at night, or while driving, that is a key indicator of problem neck alignment
  • A problem with your teeth (revealed by dentist or dental hygienist) that actually says something about your neck
  • What your massage therapist may have discovered about your body that is directly associated with the stress your neck is under
  • The one sports-related health condition that is often mismanaged by doctors, and can actually cover up a critical neck injury if not properly diagnosed (important if you have kids in sports)
  • The diagnosed diseases that people fear that may be made worse by even a mild neck injury
  • Plus many more…

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