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Free Sciatica Screening October 2018

Posture shift upper cervical chiropractic careAre you one of the many thousands of people who have accessed my articles on sciatica?

Are you in Metro-Detroit?

Then you’re invited to a special opportunity…

Get to the bottom of why you’re sciatica isn’t responding to traditional therapy techniques – free in-office screening

You’re invited to a free screening at Life In Alignment (Auburn Hills). To see if you have the 5 key indicators that your sciatica pain has a good chance of responding to the unique approach used in my office.

Review of patient with sciatica - Dr. Zachary Ward Life In Alignment Chiropractic, LC

Here’s what you can expect in your complimentary visit:

  • A 15 minute conversation with the doctor about your health history
  • A review of any x-ray, MRI, and reports you have with you
  • An examination of your upright structure (how you’re balancing in gravity)
  • A few brief functional tests to see if you’re a good candidate for care
  • Full answers to any and all questions you have including financial and insurance information
  • An opportunity to schedule a full examination in the near future if you’re a good fit for the practice and you’re ready to be free of sciatica pain

You can register for this unique opportunity below.

Our best sciatica resources in one download

Inside : The #1 secret for sciatica relief

Plus: 10 treatments - 5 exercises to avoid - 2 stretches that help

A way to say thank you for sharing my articles

Sciatica posture shift upper cervical chiropractic care
Before and after sciatica treatment

This practice website gets close to 5,000 page views per month thanks to your many shares on Facebook and other social media sites.

Many of those visits are to my three articles on sciatica featuring several before and after pictures like the ones you see here.

I love working with sciatica patients. Mostly because they tend to respond well to the unique procedures I use that get to the root of a lot of sciatica pain.

How to reserve your spot for a free sciatica screening

  • Have a case of sciatica or leg pain
  • Reserve your 30 minute spot by using the email form below
  • Get your confirmation for your time via email within 24 hours
  • Register by the end of October 2018 or before the final appointment is reserved

Unfortunately there are only 6 complimentary spots available due to time limitations. If want a new perspective on your sciatica situation, you’re encouraged to email now to reserve your spot.

Enter your information below to request one of the 6 available sciatica screening times and allow a 24 hour response



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Dr. Zachary Ward first discovered the power of spinal care after watching his little brother heal from debilitating pain. Now he practices a unique form of chiropractic care that offers you the opportunity to experience your body in a new, freer way. Contact him via social media or via the contact form to request a ten minute health review. He also blogs at DrZWard.com.
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