Curious but unsure about structural chiropractic care? This screening opportunity will show you if we can help your specific problem

How does the free screening work?

Screening line: Tel: (248) 598-4002

You’re in the right place…

  • If you’ve referred to my practice and you’re not sure what to expect or what to do next
  • You’re curious about chiropractic care, but you’re kind of nervous about starting the process
  • You want to “test-drive’ a chiropractic office, without spending much time or any money

To put it simply…you want to start a conversation with a trusted chiropractor in your area, but you’re not sure if you want to do anything else until you’ve had your question or questions answered. If this is you, then keep reading.

You’re invited to claim a free chiropractic screening in my office

The short video above will show you…

  • How the consultation works and what you can expect to talk about
  • What kinds of tests I’ll be running
  • And what happens after the screening is over

The experience will be enlightening…

  • You’ll learn something about yourself you never knew
  • You’ll have a relaxed and non-judgemental conversation about whatever health challenges you face
  • You’ll learn whether you’re a good candidate for care, and what kind of improvements you can expect

If you qualify for care, there will be an opportunity to start the detailed examination process if you choose, or to set it up for another day, if you choose. Whether you do or don’t qualify for care, there will be no pressure to continue.

You’re encouraged to watch the 3 minute video above. And then call the office at the new patient line (248) 598-4002 . And leave a message requesting a free screening.

Call Now to Request Screening

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