Leg + Core Band Class – Open to Public

How would you like greater strength, stability, and even better fitting jeans?

Learn 5 specific movements using 1 tiny piece of equipment that can help you actually fulfill your goals – all in one class

How to Work Your Legs + Core – Small Group Instruction Coming to Auburn Hills March 26 (noon and 6:30 PM)

StephSpringerGet personal instruction from Stephanie Springer, personal trainer, on 5 powerful movements that build strength, stability, and better fitting jeans when combined with resistance bands.

Meet once in a group, then join us for the 6 week virtual challenge, including 6 weeks of email motivation and coaching, and email access to Stephanie.

You will also have access to additional instruction in exclusive online videos that go over modifications – how to make the movement easier or harder depending on your needs that day.

Class is March 26 at noon and 6:30 pm at Life In Alignment Chiropractic. There is a fee and you must register. Please use the form below.

If you have ever wanted personalized instruction in an exercise program that you will actually complete, actually enjoy, and that will make you stronger…now is your chance.

Do you have the intention of getting more physical activity?

Do you want to experience life with more ease and confidence in your body?

But do you find you run into a few obstacles that stop you from just getting going? Obstacles, like:

  1. You aren’t sure where to start
  2. When you imagine yourself exercising – it isn’t too exciting – as in, you see lots of boredom, and not a lot of variety
  3. There never seems to be a good time or a good place

Unfortunately nobody can take the first step for you, but you can set yourself up for success by choosing the right way to start…And the Leg + Core Band Class is the perfect place to start for most people.

  1. The exercises are effective but simple, when done properly – and they only require a single piece of equipment that can literally fit in your pocket
  2. With 5 basic movements done in any order, you can recreate 120 different routines – including making them easier or harder with just a slight change in the position of the band
  3. The movements themselves require little floor space, and just a few minutes, so an intense, short workout is possible almost anywhere in just a few minutes per day

No exercise workout outfit required. Just wear your office or street clothes. Seriously.

It’s time to counter act the harmful effects of sitting

Why does the Leg + Core Band class feature these 5 movements?

The answer is simple. This movement routine features exercises that counter act the harmful effects of sitting all day while helping you stand and move with greater strength and stability in the everyday demands life makes on you.

And it’s all done with the same training philosophy that guides military special forces: functional movement – that is, using muscles firing together.

The dangers of sitting? Yes, it’s more than just tight muscles

There are some obvious downsides of sitting all day. Your butt muscles get weak and flabby. Your hips tighten up and tilt your pelvis forward. Your hamstrings get really, really tight, and weak. And your potential for low back injury or chronic low back pain goes up significantly.

But those are just the obvious changes. When you sit all day, you’re also doing these damaging things to your body:

  • Doubling your risk of diabetes
  • Hindering your blood flow and robbing life giving oxygen to all parts of your body
  • Creating chronic inflammation – not good for painful body parts
  • Increasing your risk of heart disease by 250%
  • Dropping your insulin sensitivity up to 40% – which creates havoc in your metabolism
  • Crushing your “good” cholesterol up to 20%

When you learning these 5 movements from a personal trainer, and learn to do them properly and consistently, you are counter acting the harmful body breakdown that comes with chronic sitting and lack of physical activity.

Get the motivation you need to form a new habit

You’re going to get the best changes by doing these movements over time. That means forming new habits.

Not every one has the time, energy, or money to hire a personal trainer or attend multiple group exercise classes per week. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some of the best parts of a group exercise class.

It’s time to bring the group exercise concept to you.

When you join us March 26 to learn these 5 basic Leg + Core movements, you will also have an opportunity to join us for a 6 week fitness challenge. A virtual challenge that takes place in your own home or office, or wherever else you want to do your leg and core movements.

You will be challenged to do the Leg + Core movements three times per week, for at least ten minutes. And to support you in creating this new habit you will get

  • 3 short motivational emails per week – timed with the day of your routine – plus access to “refresher videos” that go over each of the 5 exercises, plus modifications to make them harder and easier
  • Email coaching access to fitness coach Stephanie Springer, who will answer your questions and support you in your quest to a healthier lifestyle with her years of group coaching and and one-on-one fitness instruction
  • Accountability if you want it, with the chance for workout dates and minutes tracked via email 

I am a recent college graduate, a former high school athlete, and a generally healthy young person.  My fitness never got in the way of my daily activities, but college definitely left me feeling out of shape, lethargic, and unhappy with my strength, flexibility, and cardio abilities. I had lost the ability to touch my toes, do real pushups, and lots of other exercises I could do easily before “the freshman fifteen”.  Like everyone, I went through phases of exercising, but I had a hard time sustaining a real routine because I was uneasy at the gym. I would go there without any idea of what I needed to do to improve, so I never saw any changes and would get quickly discouraged.

I finally decided I needed a plan to get healthy again. I needed to incorporate exercise into my every day, and I needed it from someone who knows me better than fitness magazines and Pinterest articles.  What better way to get all that than a personal trainer?

I have been doing PIYO with Stephanie for about four months, but I began to see results only weeks after starting.  Now it’s my favorite part of the week. Sticking with the same exercise week after week allows me to see measurable improvements in myself. Stephanie pushes me to be better every week, and gives me small modifications to the workout as I improve. And even as I get stronger, PIYO is still a great workout.

PIYO has undoubtedly made me stronger, healthier, more flexible, and happier with my body. I am so far from where I started, and I’m sure so far from where I’ll end up!

–Gia S.West Bloomfield

Are you ready? Send us an email in the form below, and indicate if you want to attend the noon or 6:30 pm class March 26

  • Get personal instruction from Stephanie Springer on 5 powerful movements that build strength, stability when combined with resistance bands
  • Meet once in a group, then join us for the 6 week virtual challenge, including 6 weeks of email motivation and access to video based instruction
  • Get 6 weeks of email access and coaching to Stephanie

And get two FREE resistance bands!

It’s time to counter act the damaging effects of sitting, and get the strength and stability you need as spring time turns into summer. Register by Tuesday March 24th.

Classes are intentionally small – and will be closed as soon as capacity is reached. We have only a few spots, especially at the 6:30 time slot.

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