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Do you have sciatica nerve pain symptoms? Do you have a leg or nerve pain that a doctor or another provider has diagnosed as sciatica? Would you like to avoid surgery or months of potential treatment? Is your sciatic nerve pain  not responding to the treatment methods you have already tried, including chiropractic and physical therapy?

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Welcome to the Life In Alignment sciatica resource page

ScottBSciatica is a often a tough condition to fix because of confusion about what sciatica really is. Please refer to the following articles from the blog, written by Dr. Zachary Ward.

Why won’t my sciatica pain go away? Includes the common symptoms and causes of sciatica according to medicine.

Top 10 sciatica treatment options Includes the top ten common treatments options for sciatica pain within the medical system.

The #1 secret to lasting sciatica relief – with pictures This article gets to the heart of the matter of why sciatica doesn’t often respond, despite expert practitioners. It covers our secret to sciatica healing with the posture/neck connection we make in this office. You have to see the pictures to believe it and even understand it.

This is important information for finding lasting sciatica relief. If you would like to read all of these articles together as a single download, please use the contact box on the right and send an email to Life In Alignment via this website. You will be emailed all the articles as a single pdf within minutes.

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