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Update March 23: We’re open: COVID-19 preparedness information for our patients

Updated for State of Michigan Executive Order 2020-21

The Director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in his March 19, 2020, directive on COVID-19, defined workers within the realm of health and public health as essential. Included in the description were health professionals such as primary care physicians, and allied health professionals as physical therapists, and occupational therapists. As a health worker licensed as a Chiropractic Physician in the State of Michigan, my role as chiropractor fits squarely in this role.

Following the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-21, which intends to limit non-essential procedures and temporarily halt all non-essential business, other than those that will “sustain and protect life,” this office will remain open by appointment only, and chiropractic services will be available for those who’s lack of access:

  • would limit their ability as a caregiver or public safety in this time of crisis (nurse, physician, allied health and health infrastructure support) who’s role is to sustain and protect life
  • and/or would result in an escalation of health care intervention and place their well-being at risk due the current stress on health care infrastructure

Patients can expect triage for possible Coronavirus exposure, and are asked to stay home if they are exhibiting any symptoms.

Is Life In Alignment Chiropractic still open? Are we seeing new patients?

yes we're openYes, we’re open and serving our current patients in a limited way.

We’re also accepting new patients that are not or have not recently exhibited symptoms related to COVID-19 as long as they fit the definition of an essential worker in state and federal regulatory descriptions.

(Please see the statement above regarding executive order 2020-21 and appointments limited to the sustaining and protection of life.)

We’re also opening up our consultations to a phone/skype based consultation to anyone not defined as an essential worker.

(You can request a time for a phone consultation via this website, or call the office to find out how to set it up.)

Also, most importantly we are seeing spinal related pain emergencies, as these kinds of situations need not be filling up our ERs or urgent cares at this time.

As a separate but allied part of the health care delivery system, chiropractors lighten the load ERs, and primary care physicians, as spine-related pain is one of the top reasons people seek help, and we have methods for balancing the spine and nervous system that happen to be very effective for pain.

And we can do that without introducing new medications which can bring complications. Closing chiropractic offices would represent a burden to the health care system and actually make this situation worse.

So until you hear otherwise from me, we’re open and taking precautions to maintain the guidelines for social distancing and stepping up the hygiene in our office.

Man has to decide between getting toilet paper or maintaining social distanceIs your waiting room going to be as crowded as the line for eggs and toilet paper at the supermarket? I can’t maintain social distancing if I’m going to sit in a waiting room full of people…

Excellent question. Excellent point.

So, here’s the deal. We do things differently at Life In Alignment, and have always maintained a kind of concierge-like practice with fewer people in our office at one time.

Since we already see fewer people per day than most offices, but with longer time intervals, we were already prepped to deal with “social distancing.” We are able to do this because we aren’t a volume-based, insurance dependent practice.

That said, we’re spreading our visits out even further, and it’s possible for you to be scheduled with just two other people in the office with you at one time (the doctor, and front-desk help.)

(Update: There will be no more than 3 people in the office at any one time.)

This situation isn’t ideal, but it’s manageable, and we’re able to deliver the kind of care that people need at this stressful time while following guidelines.

Can I assume you’re cleaning your office a little bit more because everyone is super-nervous about COVID-19?

You better believe it.

We always clean the office every week and certain surfaces in between days…But this week, and for the next several months (years), we are going to be sure not to miss any surfaces.

My tables are always kept clean. And key touch-points are wiped down after every single patient.

We are cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces, including our restroom surfaces, and our tile floors.

Fun fact: I (Dr. Zachary Ward) worked for many summers as a custodian in a school district while in high school and college and have personally scrubbed hundreds of middle school lockers, desks, and bathrooms, and I’m not ashamed to say I have my own preference for which cleaning products I use based on that experience.

So, in other words, your chiropractor was literally (at one point) a cleaning professional tasked with cleaning and disinfecting schools in the summer time.

What about the air quality?

Yes, that’s a concern as well, so we have an ionizing air scrubber whose company cannot certify anything regarding COVID-19 at this time, but has positive research about reducing the loads of other viruses.

If you want more information about what kind of air scrubbers are available in the market for both business and residential, and how they work, please reach out to trusted HVAC company in metro-Detroit. I received my air scrubber from Diversified Heating and Cooling.

Will I be charged if I need to cancel due to illness exposure?

We’re going to continue our unofficial cancellation policy. I’ve never charge anyone a cancellation fee for anyone who had to postpone a visit last minute due to an illness.

If you’re under the weather in any way, this unofficial policy is still in place. Please be courteous and let us know ASAP.

Any further questions? Call the office, or use the contact form on this website. Please do not share HIPAA protected information via our contact form.



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Dr. Zachary Ward first discovered the power of spinal care after watching his little brother heal from debilitating pain. Now he practices a unique form of chiropractic care that offers you the opportunity to experience your body in a new, freer way. Contact him via social media or via the contact form to request a ten minute health review. He also blogs at

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