How to take posture photos for virtual assessment

If you’ve requested a virtual assessment, these instructions will help you get accurate posture photos.

Please use a device that will allow you to upload your photos easily, while offering good quality. Once we’re scheduled, I will email you a link that will allow you to privately upload your photos to me.

How to stand for the posture photo

We need three pictures of you

  1. From the side
  2. From the front
  3. From behind.

The image shown has all necessary views. The photo should show your posture from the foot to the top of the head.

  • It’s best for you to be barefoot, in socks, or in a pair of flat shoes. Shoes with heels or high-heel shoes shouldn’t be worn. Please stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and your toes along the same line.
  • If you can, please take the photo near a plain wall, perhaps near a corner or doorway that will show a true vertical or horizontal line for my reference.
  • Avoid the temptation to “improve your posture” for the photo. Stand with your shoulders relaxed. Don’t try to “stand straight” or “with proper posture” as that might distort what is really happening. When in doubt, relax.
  • Athletic wear makes it easier to help you. Big baggy clothes will not allow me to visualize hip height and rotation, or see subtle shifts in the upper body. Modesty is welcome, but you should wear something that allows visualization of the body’s posture.

How to hold the camera

It’s best to hold the camera or whatever device you’re using as “square as possible.” That means perpendicular to the floor and parallel to the wall. I will do my best to remove any obvious distortion from the camera angle if necessary.

The next step depends on you

I need time to review your photos before our virtual consultation. Please upload your photos to the link that is provided to you through your email so we can move forward with the consultation.

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