Upper cervical chiropractic care

Auburn Hills, MI Upper Cervical - Structural Chiropractic Care

Natural Health Care

Our goal is natural body pain relief and better health without the use of drugs or surgery

Gentle Corrections

Our approach is gentle, without methods that include popping, twisting, or cracking

Quality Over Quantity

Rest assured that our doctor will spend an adequate amount of time getting to know you, your body, and your lifestyle

Why Our Patients Love Us

Upper cervical chiropractic at Life in Alignment is different… and different is good.

The Latest Articles

Chiropractic News

Announcing the Winter Boot Drive of 2024 (to benefit homeless)

The winter boot drive is coming back for the 5th time. We are collecting new and gently used boots for the homeless that will be ...
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Title image for tips for chiropractic patients part 8
Tips for Chiropractic Patients

Thoughts determine the quality of life – Tips for new patients (Part 8)

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts” – Marcus Aurelius Three questions to stimulate further healing Question one: What are ...
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Title image tips for new chiropractic patients part 7
Tips for Chiropractic Patients

Why hasn’t anyone told this to me before? Tips for new patients (Part 7)

Why hasn’t anyone told you this before? Not even your previous chiropractor? I think once I share it with you, it’s going to turn on ...
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Three ways for chiropractic patients to help themselve
Tips for Chiropractic Patients

What three things can help me? Sleep, water, supplements — Tips for new patients (Part 6)

Last time we went over 50 different ways you could lose your alignment. Hopefully it was eye-opening. Now it’s time to talk about the three ...
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Dominoes Falling - Chiropractic Alignment Metaphor
Tips for Chiropractic Patients

How can I hold my alignment better? Tips for new patients (Part 5)

Sometimes people get frustrated that they aren’t completely holding their alignment like they believe they should. (By “holding alignment”, we mean maintaining positive posture/spine changes ...
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A funny monster symbolizes old symptoms
Tips for Chiropractic Patients

Is an old problem returning? Tips for new patients (Part 4)

Sometimes when you’re in the process of healing with chiropractic care, it can feel like an old problem is coming back. We call this retracing. ...
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Blueprints highlight healing expectations
Tips for Chiropractic Patients

Do you have a healing blueprint? Tips for new patients (Part 3)

Yes, you have a healing blueprint, and yes it matters, even if you don’t realize yet that you have a blueprint. What do I mean ...
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Photo illustrates the kind of healing types among chiropractic patients
Tips for Chiropractic Patients

What kind of healer are you? Tips for new patients (Part 2)

There are two kinds of healers (well actually, three). Which one are you? You might think of me or some other healthcare provider as a ...
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Illustrates question about what is normal for chiropractic patients
Tips for Chiropractic Patients

Is this normal? Tips for new patients (Part 1)

Yes, it’s normal to forget stuff. So our first big tip for new chiropractic patients is to write things down. If this is your first ...
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Kids getting car sick
Chiropractic Conditions

Kids and car-sickness? Mom to the rescue!

Here’s a weird secret about the human body: if your nervous system is confused about where your head is, it can feel like nausea, car-sickness, ...
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