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Life In Alignment Celebrated 8 Years…With a Dance Party!

Life In Alignment Celebrated 8 Years…With a Dance Party!

Auburn Hills Chiropractor Dr. Zachary Ward held a private event for his patients, family, and friends at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Bloomfield Hills on October 16, 2019 in celebration of 8 years of practice at Life In Alignment Chiropractic.

Auburn Hills Chiropractor Celebrates 8 Years of Practice…With a Dance Party at Fred Astaire

The event was planned in combination with Evan Mountain, owner of Fred Astaire, and featured ballroom dance lessons from a certified ballroom instructor, and a ballroom performance from Para Dance competitors Andrew Downs and Aubrey (of Fred Astaire) who are the first US representatives to the Para Dance Sport Championships in Europe November 2019.

Para Dance competitors Andrew and Aubrey will represent the U.S. for the first time in Europe in Fall 2019

The anniversary event benefited Para Dance and RIM Foundation

Attendees gathered, ate, and a danced as they were able, all while enjoying games and prizes from other local businesses. Included in the evening was the opportunity to donate and benefit the RIM Foundation and the Dance Mobility Program, whose mission to teach ballroom dance to those who are wheelchair bound. Katie Spillane Knight, Vice President at RIM Foundation, was in attendance for the evening.

Networking with BNI at 8th Anniversary of Life In Alignment Chiropractic at Fred Astaire Dance Studio Bloomfield Hills MIDr. Zachary Ward was inspired to hold this event at Fred Astaire after caring for several ballroom dance competitors and instructors and learning the research behind the health benefits of ballroom dance for both aerobic health and mental function.

Guests of Chiropractor Dr. Zachary Ward gather at Fred Astaire Dance StudioAfter seeing a portion of Andrew and Aubrey’s performance, attendees had an opportunity to take a group salsa lesson Dee-jayed by Super Dave the DJ, or enjoy the photo-booth. Zippy the balloon twister was there, shaping balloon animals and other objects for the kids in attendance.

Chiropractor Dr. Zachary Ward greets guests at 8th anniversary party for practice Guests celebrate 8 years of Life In Alignment Chiropractic Networking with BNI at 8th Anniversary of Life In Alignment Chiropractic Guests dance and celebrate 9 year anniversary of Life In Alignment Chiropractic at Fred Astaire Dance Studio Bloomfield Hills Line Dancing at 8th Anniversary Celebration at Life In Alignment Chiropractic

The following businesses made special donations for the event.

Fred Astaire in Bloomfield Hills
Hair by Amy Nikole
Pilates Detroit
Challenge Island – Oakland East
Aja Botanicals
Willow and Fernn
Organic Stepping Stones

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