Our patient essentials

Thank you for being here. More likely than not, you’re a new, current, or past patient at Life In Alignment Chiropractic. Below you’re going to find a collection of the most essential reading we have for you so you can understand our form of spinal care and why it matters to your happiness and well-being.

Understanding your chiropractic care

Spine changes are brain changes (video collection): how a better balanced spine affects the brain and central nervous system – before you do anything else start here: a collection of videos that help you understand what’s going on behind the scenes during a chiropractic adjustment

What are upper cervical chiropractic procedures, and how do we use them?learn why the top of the spine matters so much, and why 97% of the time we balance that area first, plus what else we do to correct/support the spine in the context of your specific posture breakdown and lifestyle

Imagine your body, unburdened, light – this is my arta very non-technical explanation on what motivates me, and how your care is different when you work with our office

Why is it so hard to maintain good posture? – this originally went semi-viral on Quora, this is a technical answer involving our nervous system and the need for stability and why this practice focuses so very, very much on posture

BONUS if you want to go deeper:

How to hold your spinal alignment: the three major chiropractic techniques to help you understand how we think about holding alignment, and why it might be different from another chiropractic experience (since many people have multiple chiropractors over the course of their life, this information help explains why chiropractors adjust differently and what it means to the patient).

How to maintain your positive changes

50 ways to lose your neck alignment – not exhaustive, but quite a few you probably haven’t considered that may be locking up your neck or posture in subtle ways

Why are you hanging 60lbs from your neck? – Americans spend 5 hours per day on a cell phone, this is the motivation you need to stay head up in the game

The pros and cons of different sleep positions – co-written with SleepAdvisor.com, it might be time to reevaluate your sleep position

Why you shouldn’t do crunches and what you should do instead – for our patients who work out: never do a crunch or sit-up again and feel good about it

These four changes will make working from home less painful – basic, common sense ergonomics changes that are important for anyone who deals with a screen

Product recommendations when you have to sit all daythe ideal workspace situation and how to recreate it especially if you deal with back pain

How do I answer the tough questions from the chiropractic skeptics?

People with good intentions sometimes question whether our form of chiropractic care is a legitimate health care choice for your and your family. Believe it or not, my family was once in that boat with some tough questions, so we’ve spent some time answering the big ones, like:

You can find this series as it grows on this page: Tough questions for chiropractors: answers for providers and skeptics

Our adjunct therapies, and why we use them

What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent? Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a therapeutic modality that uses low-level electrical currents to promote healing in a variety of health problems and conditions, such as pain, inflammation, and tissue repair. This page will explore why we use this modality and what we may use it for.

Coming soon: What is Class IV laser therapy? Why we use this form of infrared laser for specific soft tissue injuries.

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