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Not what I think as traditional chiropractic

This isn't really what I think of as traditional chiropractic care.
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Improvement in focus after upper cervical chiropractic care

What are the three benefits that you’ve noticed since you’ve begun upper cervical chiropractic care? 1. Improved focus. 2. Improved posture. 3. less fidgeting.
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Thank you, Dr. Z…help after car accident

I tell you I’ve had countless treatments, including upper cervical injections, physical therapy, even a recommended surgery.
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Life In Alignment Patient Reviews Auburn Hills MI

Sleeping soundly, better flexibility, less pain

How would your describe your health before you began receiving your adjustments? Pain in neck and lower back which wasn’t being controlled by strong pain ...
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Neck pain, better balance, stronger knee

The reduced pain of course! Also the balanced stance is huge for me. Now my left leg and the muscles surrounding my weakened knee are ...
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Patient Review Life In Alignment Chiropractic Auburn Hills

Improved healing and better balance

I am now more aware of my posture and feel the adjustments (though hardly noticeable) have improved my body’s balance. My injured area was aided ...
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Lower back pain on left side, plus more energy

“I had lower back pain on my left side. Since starting care I’ve noticed much improvement in my left lower back, plus more energy in ...
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Felt sick, backache, and profuse sweating

“I felt sick just about every day. Now, I rarely feel sick. My backaches are only minimally painful, if at all. I have almost no ...
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Chronic pain healing through upper cervical chiropractic

How would you describe your health before receiving upper cervical chiropractic care? Chronic pain for multiple years that kept getting worse. The pain was from ...
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Headache relief Auburn Hills Michigan

Chronic headaches continuing to heal with upper cervical care

Chronic headaches respond to upper cervical chiropractic care for a young woman from Oxford, Michigan.
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Mark’s longstanding neck pain, and surprise resolution of knee swelling

Mark came in for some longstanding neck pain, but found when his head and neck were in better alignment, his whole body was too.
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Facial head pain and upepr cervical chiropractic

Coming off Trigeminal Neuralgia meds after upper cervical chiropractic

After hearing the story of Upper Cervical Advocate James Tomasi, Marilyn contacted Dr. Ward to see if upper cervical care could help her Trigeminal Neuralgia ...
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