From An Upper Cervical Chiropractic Perspective


Mark’s longstanding neck pain, and surprise resolution of knee swelling

Mark came in for some longstanding neck pain, but found when his head and neck were in better alignment, his whole body was too. And that meant less knee pain and swelling during his long runs.

Neck pain, stiffness, and NUCCA upper cervical chiropractic in Auburn Hills

“I came in with severe neck pain. I felt like my right arm was going to fall off. My neck was out of alignment. I got adjusted. It was a real light touch from traditional chiropractic, where they crack your neck. Afterwards I felt a lot of tension leave, and the tension went away after two weeks. I have been able to run up to five miles now with no problems. When I would reach about two miles, my right knee used to swell up. Now I can run without any leg pain.”

–Mark T.


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