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Hand numbness responds to upper cervical care

Hand numbness and right arm pain respond to upper cervical care

Right arm pain and numbness deserves a look into the alignment of the neck. Katherine shares her experience with upper cervical care in Auburn Hills.
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Upper cervical chiropractic and balance

Upper cervical chiropractic helps balance and blood pressure

Learn how one man in has experienced better balance and a lower systolic blood pressure by receiving NUCCA upper cervical care in Auburn Hills, MI.
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IBS tremors and upper cervical chiropractic

IBS and hand tremors respond to upper cervical chiropractic

Decades long Irritable Bowel Syndrome and tremors in her hands began to quickly resolve as stress to her nervous system at the top of the ...
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Megan’s migraine headache story

Weeks after a car accident, Megan's occasional headaches turned into migraines several times per week. She never thought her headache healing would happen like this.
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Neck and shoulder pain from deskwork

Neck, shoulder, and arm pain from desk work?

Here is an interview with Mike. L from Lake Orion, Michigan, who found help with Dr. Ward's NUCCA upper cervical care.
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Sciatica, headaches, and being able to see the changes

My headaches are virtually gone. Every now and then I'll just get a very mild headache, but nothing to the degree that I was experiencing ...
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NUCCA News Masthead

Patient of Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Auburn Hills, MI featured in NUCCA News

Lauren described the pain as sharp stabbing deep in her right ear, which would quickly come and go, happening as often as four to five ...
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Headache relief Auburn Hills Michigan

Chronic daily headaches end after upper cervical chiropractic care

The most surprising to me is that I'm holding the alignment for so long for right now. It's been a month since the last adjustment ...
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cervical x-ray

Severe neck spasms and shoulder pain resolve with NUCCA upper cervical chiropractic

Now, I feel like a new woman. I've got really good range of motion in my neck. All the shoulder pain is gone. The pain ...
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