Upper Cervical Chiropractic Cases from Dr. Zachary Ward

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When Your Body Gets Locked Into . We Can Help Unlock It

You can see it for yourself in the mirror, if you know what to look for.

Big and small accidents cause your body to shift and lock down into a stressed position.  Some talk about shifting posture. And many others just ignore it. But at Life In Alignment, we see consistent changes in your chronic pain and other conditions using a specific protocol to unlock the spine and bring it to better balance.

We don’t just talk about improved spinal balance. We measure it as it changes.

The following “before and after cases” show how your spine can shift from unhealthy to healthy, and from abnormal to normal. And how quickly these positive changes often happen when the right approach is used.

Can you see the difference?

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Upper Cervical Success Stories

Life In Alignment Patient Reviews Image

Not what I think as traditional chiropractic

This isn’t really what I think of as traditional chiropractic care.

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Improvement in focus after upper cervical chiropractic care

What are the three benefits that you’ve noticed since you’ve begun upper cervical chiropractic care? 1. Improved focus. 2. Improved posture. 3. less fidgeting.

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Thank you, Dr. Z…help after car accident

I tell you I’ve had countless treatments, including upper cervical injections, physical therapy, even a recommended surgery.

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Life In Alignment Patient Reviews Auburn Hills MI

Sleeping soundly, better flexibility, less pain

How would your describe your health before you began receiving your adjustments? Pain in neck and lower back which wasn’t being controlled by strong pain …

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Neck pain, better balance, stronger knee

The reduced pain of course! Also the balanced stance is huge for me. Now my left leg and the muscles surrounding my weakened knee are much stronger just from walking/standing correctly. Also the procedure is painless, quick, and inexpensive.

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Patient Review Life In Alignment Chiropractic Auburn Hills

Improved healing and better balance

I am now more aware of my posture and feel the adjustments (though hardly noticeable) have improved my body’s balance. My injured area was aided in its healing process, and I’m becoming better educated on one more way to take care of my body through exercises, and an occasional check-up.

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