Upper Cervical Chiropractic Cases from Dr. Zachary Ward

Before & After

When Your Body Gets Locked Into . We Can Help Unlock It

You can see it for yourself in the mirror, if you know what to look for.

Big and small accidents cause your body to shift and lock down into a stressed position.  Some talk about shifting posture. And many others just ignore it. But at Life In Alignment, we see consistent changes in your chronic pain and other conditions using a specific protocol to unlock the spine and bring it to better balance.

We don’t just talk about improved spinal balance. We measure it as it changes.

The following “before and after cases” show how your spine can shift from unhealthy to healthy, and from abnormal to normal. And how quickly these positive changes often happen when the right approach is used.

  • In the words of a recent patient: “This is not what I expected from a chiropractor.”

Can you see the difference?

Pre and post xray upper cervical chiropractic care
Before and After - UC Chiropractic Cases

General spinal pain – 19 year old female

The description Presenting Concerns: Spinal pain and neck pain for seven months before first appointment Pain worse after lifting at work Feels older than she believes she should feel Physical Trauma: Memorable fall off bed at age two Multiple motor vehicle accidents in two years prior to exam No visit …

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Upper Cervical Success Stories

Life In ALignment Patient Reviews Image

No more headaches, fewer neck spasms, and calmer moods

My daughter has raved about the wonderful changes in her body since her treatment began.

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Recognizing problem posture

Dr. Zach has helped me to recognize when my body is out of alignment, creating a change in my posture.

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Patient Review Life In Alignment Chiropractic Auburn Hills

No longer sleeping away weekends

Now, I am happier, more social, and smile more. I sleep almost through the night, and I’m not waking up three times a night. I am more ready to go, rather than sitting at home. I feel more healthy and happy than I was before walking into your office. I am taking vitamins and eating healthier than I did before. I am very grateful.

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A lot of shoulder and upper back pain

How would you describe your health before you began receiving your adjustments?  I was in a lot of shoulder and upper back pain. What is …

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Headaches and post-concussion symptoms

I had very severe headaches and also a very low hear rate and blood pressure to the point where I was almost always nearly-fainting (3 – 5 times daily).

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Sleeping better with more focus

I really like that I’m actually holding my adjustments longer. I also like that I’m adjusted only if needed.

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