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“5 reasons your doctor can’t fix your neck pain” – a Free PDF Report

“5 reasons your doctor can’t fix your neck pain” – a Free PDF Report

Are you frustrated by chronic, never- ending neck pain?

The kind that just seems to bury itself deep into your muscles and joints?

Are you frustrated by the fact that no one has been able to explain this problem - or worse - been able to help you with it?

Well, I want to end your frustration. You're reading the words of someone who is passionate about helping you escape any misery created by chronic neck pain.

Step one in finding relief is understanding why neck pain can be such a difficult problem to solve.​ And that's where your free report comes in to help you.

Why is it so hard to fix your neck pain?

It's so hard to fix your neck pain because most causes of neck pain are misunderstood by primary care physicians.

Many of the tough cases are too complex for physical therapy, exercise,  or stretching alone.

So, unless you want to take increasing doses of over-the-counter painkillers - or worse - stronger prescription pain killers....You need to get the heart of the matter in a way that no one has explained to you before.

​When you request the report, open your email and then read the report, you'll learn:

  • The common test your doctor may order that is not sensitive enough to reveal the source of your injury - and often hides your problem in plain sight
  • Why most treatment methods overlook the key areas that are actually creating pain
  • How the shape of your neck influences the health of your neck
  • The location of the major pain receptors in your neck - you'll be amazed that no one has ever shared this information with you before
  • How to tell if your posture is adding 30 to 40 extra pounds of weight to your spine - a big source of chronic neck irritation
  • The key ingredient your neck joints need to stay healthy over the long term - to keep them out of pain
Nancy H. Clarkston, MI.
From Facebook - Caregiver for grandchildren

About a year ago some friends of mine recommended Dr. Zachary Ward, an upper cervical chiropractor, as I had a stubborn pain in my neck for more than 18 months.

Within a couple of weeks the aggravation was virtually gone and I continued coming to Dr. Ward as I was most impressed with this new form of treatment.... I highly recommend him to my family and friends."

Mark T.Lapeer County From YouTube - Electrician

I came in with severe neck pain. I felt like my right arm was going to fall off. My neck was out of alignment. I got adjusted. It was a real light touch from traditional chiropractic...Afterwards I felt a lot of tension leave, and the tension went away after two weeks."


For a limited time, I would like to send you the free report that will help you understand why your neck pain may need a special evaluation and correction in order for you to find the relief you want.

The report contains the information that I used to help the people above.

Even if your regular doctor can't fix your neck pain, there are some good reasons why you should hope in lasting relief.

You're invited to download the the report below. Your email is safe, and there is no obligation to continue getting emails once you have seen how this information applies to you.

Amy C.Waterford, MI  - Hair Stylist

I was experiencing a lot of neck pain and headaches....Now, I have less neck pain and headaches - I'm obviously standing straighter - and I feel good with less pain at work."

Five Reasons Your Doctor Can't Fix Your Neck Pain - A Free Guide

Learn why stretching, exercise, and even medication can't solve chronic neck pain - You won't believe you haven't heard reason #4




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Dr. Zachary Ward first discovered the power of spinal care after watching his little brother heal from debilitating pain. Now he practices a unique form of chiropractic care that offers you the opportunity to experience your body in a new, freer way. Contact him via social media or via the contact form to request a ten minute health review. He also blogs at DrZWard.com.
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