Should I see a chiropractor for migraine headaches?

Yes, you should see a chiropractor for migraine headaches, including migraines with and without aura. Because of the area in the spine where migraine symptoms start or worsen, we recommend seeing a chiropractor who is trained in upper cervical chiropractic procedures.

Upper cervical means upper neck, and upper cervical chiropractors use special procedures for adjusting or releasing the top of the neck.

Why do we recommend recommend chiropractic (upper cervical) care for migraine headache?

Migraines are complicated because of the variety of kinds of migraines and migraine symptoms, and their often debilitating nature.

The main reason why we recommend chiropractic adjustments in the upper neck for migraine is because neck misalignment is a very common contributor to migraine headache symptoms.

In fact, a lot of unnecessary suffering and testing can often end if migraine patients include upper cervical chiropractic procedures in their initial treatments.

Do you have migraine headaches? Are your migraines not responding to the treatment methods you have already tried or are the side effects of your treatments disagreeable to you?

Our essential articles on migraine and chiropractic

Please refer to the following articles from the blog, written by Dr. Zachary Ward.

Migraine and other headache stories for our Auburn Hills practice

  • Megan’s migraine headache story: Weeks after a car accident, Megan’s occasional headaches turned into migraines several times per week. She never thought her headache healing would happen like this.
  • Correcting the s-shape curve (video): In this episode we’re talking about a female in her mid-30s with migraines, head sensitivities, left ear plugged, sense of brain fog, anxiety, chest pain…whole gamut of symptoms and of course a reverse curve.
  • Three millimeters to headache freedom: Many cases of chronic and recurring head pain (like tension head ache, migraine, etc.) are treated by focusing on the head…Where the pain appears to be. Here is one story and feedback from an elementary school teacher who showed a quick and amazing transformation after receiving a cervical correction over winter break.
  • How to end chronic daily headache? How was I able to help a patient end 50+ days of a chronic daily headache? What could I see on a simple x-ray that radiologists could not see on a CT scan or an MRI? Why did it take a referral from a family friend to get this patient into a chiropractor? All very interesting questions. Let’s dive in.

This information may be critical for helping you or someone you know receive help for migraine headaches and other headaches created by problem neck alignment.

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