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Should I see a chiropractor for facial pain (trigeminal neuralgia)

Yes, you should see a chiropractor for the improvement or possible remission of your Trigeminal Neuralgia and facial pain related symptoms. There are a large variety of chiropractic adjusting procedures and we recommend chiropractic procedures that gently address issues at the top of the neck/skull, called the craniocervical junction. These are the upper cervical chiropractic procedures.

Why do we recommend consulting with a chiropractor regarding your Trigeminal Neuralgia and related facial pain?

Because facial pain can often be originating in the neck. Facial pain diagnosed as Trigeminal Neuralgia is named for a nerve that starts and ends inside the skull. Because of this some physicians overlook the role of the neck in this condition. The neck cannot be ruled out without investigation.

Yes, in some cases there is direct compression and/or irritation on the Trigeminal Nerve or its branches inside the skull. This may be due to an inflammation in region of the brain stem, or in the sinus or facial cavities where the nerve travels.

However, this direct compression/irritation is hard to show through testing. Like many nerve pains, there is rarely one identifiable location where a nerve is being inflamed or compressed.

For example, many physicians and neurologists may not be aware that the body of nerve cells called the Trigeminal Nerve Root Nucleus, which makes up many of the nerves communicating with the Trigeminal Nerve Complex, aren’t just in the skull. The Trigeminal Nerve Root Nucleus is in communication with the nerves branches around the first and second cervical vertebrae (atlas and axis). Irritation from the joints at this level that contributes to facial pain.

Many facial pains can be debilitating when present and many solutions may be invasive or expensive. A course of care that includes balancing the neck with upper cervical chiropractic procedures is important. Upper cervical procedures are both safe, and non-invasive and if effective, may save the sufferer from years of pain and the possibility of expensive treatments or those with side effects.

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What are upper cervical chiropractic procedures?

In our experience healing from facial pain through chiropractic care has a greater likelihood of success if your chiropractor us using one of several recognized upper cervical chiropractic procedures.

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