Should I see a chiropractor for vertigo?

Should I see a chiropractor for vertigo?

Yes, you should see a chiropractor for vertigo (disequilibrium).

And because of the area in the spine where vertigo symptoms often start, we recommend seeing a chiropractor who is trained in upper cervical chiropractic procedures.

Upper cervical means upper neck. Upper cervical chiropractors use special procedures for adjusting or releasing the top of the neck.

Why do we recommend recommend chiropractic (upper cervical) care for vertigo?

Vertigo is  complicated, even if it’s temporary, because issues in many different body systems can create vertigo-like symptoms.

(This is explained further below in the article on the five body systems that relate to vertigo.)

But the simple reason why we recommend chiropractic adjustments in the upper neck for vertigo, is because neck misalignment is a very common, and often overlooked cause of vertigo symptoms.

In fact, a lot of unnecessary suffering and testing can often be eliminated if the vertigo patient includes upper cervical chiropractic procedures in their initial treatments.

Do you believe you have vertigo? Do you have a vertigo diagnosis? Is your vertigo not responding to the treatment methods you have already tried?

Our essential articles on vertigo and chiropractic

Please refer to the following articles from the blog, written by Dr. Zachary Ward.

  • Vertigo, head injury, and upper cervical chiropractic care: This article is an introduction to vertigo, with a simple explanation of the relationship between the upper cervical spine (top of the neck) and vertigo symptoms. It explains the condition known as Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).
  • How to fix vertigo: five systems to check and two secret senses: Why does vertigo happen? What causes it? From our experience vertigo is caused by confusion in the body’s equilibrium system, or vertigo is caused by a confusion in the body’s proprioceptive system. This article and video go into depth on the nervous system and why the body experiences vertigo, including the five main areas patients need to have checked in order to fix their vertigo. If you click just one of these links, you’ll get the most information here.
  • Does upper cervical chiropractic help vertigo?: Four patients talk about their experience in upper cervical chiropractic offices, from a variety of upper cervical techniques, including orthogonal upper cervical chiropractic, Blair chiropractic procedures, and others. If you need some hope that your vertigo can be helped by something other than medication (or Epley’s Maneuver) then this a good collection of vertigo patient testimonials.
  • Vertigo can be caused by neck alignment (video): This video and transcript outline the experience of a patient who came to this practice with serious vertigo, and the changes his neck has undergone over the past several years.
  • Neck pain or cranio-cervical syndrome?: Many patients with chronic vertigo also experience a family of symptoms that some medical doctors call cranio-cervical syndrome. What is cranio-cervical syndrome? What does it have to do with dizziness, vertigo, and disequilibrium?
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