Should I see a chiropractor for sciatica

Should I see a chiropractor for sciatica (leg) nerve pain?

Yes, you should see a chiropractor for sciatica and other nerve related leg pain. And because of the length and position of the sciatic nerve, we recommend using a chiropractor who has procedures that can unlock the body posture from head to toe.

And these chiropractic procedures should also include the neck. Yes,  even though sciatica pain is in the lower half of the body we always recommend working with the neck.

This unique concept in sciatica healing is explained below.

Why do we recommend recommend chiropractic (including neck procedures) care for sciatica?

Sciatica is often seen as a complicated and serious medical condition.

It can be extremely painful and debilitating. It’s often assumed by many doctors that sciatica is happening due to vertebral disc herniation or swelling. An MRI may be ordered immediately, even though this may not be necessary in most sciatica cases.

Sciatica may involve the spinal disc. But sciatica is often the result of a mechanic stress on the spinal cord and spinal nerve…Not just in the lower back and pelvis, but also further up in the spine!

Therefore we recommend chiropractic procedures which include a whole body approach, including gentle release in the neck (cervical spine.)

We believe a lot of unnecessary suffering and testing can often be avoided if the sciatica sufferer gets evaluated by a structural chiropractor who evaluates both the low back/pelvis and the neck.

Do you have sciatica? Have you received a sciatica diagnosis? Is your sciatica not responding to the treatment methods you have already tried?

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