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Leg weakness and low back pain respond to neck release

A mother in her 40’s with leg weakness and low back pain (video)

Can a gentle release in the neck unlock the low back and increase strength in the legs?

Many patients struggle with lower body issues, whether it be pain, discomfort, or weakness in the low back, hips, or legs. Because these issues are near or below the waist, they seek solutions that start at the waist and below.

And this makes sense, and many people find a solution that works for them…

But some people do not get any better just focusing on the location of the pain or weakness…Which leads them to start looking for a slightly more holistic perspective.

What if the whole body is actually involved?

What if the patient needs someone to evaluate their balance from their head to the feet? What if the problem is not just local, but also global?

In the video below we do a brief review of a case of a woman in her 40s who experienced weakness in her legs and serious low back pain. She found healing in releasing her neck and the resulting posture shift, as her body was allowed to process prior trauma from a few accidents and injuries.


Hello, this is Dr. Zachary Ward here at Life in Alignment Chiropractic, in Auburn Hills, MI.

We are continuing our series “10 Patients in 10 Minutes” specifically talking about a mother in her 40s who was experiencing leg weakness, specifically in her ankles and the knees, and also a lot of low back pain…Very painful while she was driving.

What you’re looking at right now is this patient’s posture.

Hopefully you can see the way that her low back is over here. And her upper back is over here.

And the way she is leaning this way, and although you can’t really see her neck because the hair is in the way, you can see the way her head is off this way…Kind of insinuating her neck is going over to the right as well.

So this is the before and after of the neck after the first correction.

The before image is on your left, and the after image is on the right.

What you’re looking at is the junction of the head and the neck here. The junction of the head of the neck here.

What you should see is the way that the head comes off to the right. And how it comes back to the mid-line. And how the way the neck comes off to the right. And how it comes back to the mid-line.

And I’ve gone ahead and superimposed a graphic of the cervical spine over top, so you can kind of imagine it.

The this is the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh neck bone (cervical vertebrae). You can see the way that this rises up on the left side. This is leaning over to the right. And then how this starts to balance on the vertical, and the neck is not leaning as far this way. And the head comes back over here.

Any questions about this patient or any of the cases you’ve seen in this series, you can go ahead and give me a call at 248-598-4002. Or you can look me up at I’m a structural and upper cervical chiropractor here in Auburn Hills, MI. Dr. Zachary Ward.

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