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Man drives through night to help daughter with eczema

He drove through the night to end her suffering – and the solution may surprise you

Her skin was itchy and blistered. She could barely sleep through the night. Her little body was clearly in agony and the situation only seemed to be getting worse.

What makes chiropractors using upper cervical procedures so passionate?

Many of us have chosen this path in healing because of the profound benefits we have seen in our lives, and in the lives of our friends and family.

Here is one story from a doctor whose daughter suffered with terrible eczema and dermatitis. As these kinds of atopic conditions seem to be on the rise in children, it’s important that parents know that this an option as they seek answers.

Dr. Johnathan Oliver is a friend and a colleague practicing upper cervical procedures in Columbus, Ohio. This is taken from his practice website, where he tells about his whole family’s experience with upper cervical chiropractic care.

Severe eczema and allergic dermatitis? This is my daughter’s story

My daughter’s story, though, is the real miracle in my opinion: she had severe eczema and allergic dermatitis starting at about four months old.

The baby with eczema, made worse by eczema creams

Eczema in an infant and an adult

We tried every cream we could find–as many as 50 different creams, oils, and lotions just to give her relief.

Many would make her rashes worse, and even burn.

We noticed that the creams with mineral oil, lanolin and other additives made her react worse. The most disturbing thing is the fact that most were labeled “for eczema”.

The rash was so bad that she would scratch until she bleed on her hands, the creases of her arms, and the back of her legs.

Our pediatrician recommended we see a dermatologist.

Temporary relief with a steroid made for adults

The dermatologist was a very kind man and said that is was one of the worse cases he had ever seen.

He recommended steroid cream due to the risk of infection.

He gave us one of the strongest steroids he could, one made for adults. He thought it would be the only thing that might help. We tried it, and it did help…for a little while.

But her skin would always flare back up right after use.

Seeing the specialist for allergic conditions

We were then sent to a specialist in allergic conditions.

My daughter’s skin was so bad that they could not do any testing. So they recommended twelve days of Prednisone to clear up the skin…just enough to do the test.

Once again it worked a little while, but as soon as we slowed the Prednisone down, the eczema flared back up.

Baths, elimination diets, and a deadly reaction

We tried everything but nothing helped. We started giving her a bath ever single night in slightly cool water because lukewarm water would hurt her. She would cry when first getting in, due to her rash. Immediately after the bath we would put on Vaseline to help seal in some moisture.

I would wrap her wounds with cotton cloth coated with Vaseline so she could get a few hours rest. We tried every elimination diet possible, except the water only diet.

It came down to the last straw when my daughter had a deadly allergic reaction to peanuts. She ate a natural protein bar with peanuts, and began swelling up. Her airway was threatened. We took her to the E.R. and they gave her a shot of epinephrine. (We still cary an epi-junior pen with with us to this day.)

Her life was spared…But not long after she started having wheezing, a sign associated with asthma. And this was it… I knew something different had to happen.

Driving through the night to work with a different kind of specialist

The same day she started wheezing I drove my daughter 16 hours to Florida, only stopping for gas and food. We took her to see a pediatric upper cervical doctor, who practices the gentle, precise technique of Orthospinology, and has a long history of working with infants and children.

And after her first adjustment we went to the hotel and she slept through the night. This was the first time that I could remember her sleeping so long without scratching.

Amazingly, she has not needed any more steroids since that day. Or Vaseline, or any other other creams, or lotions. She has only had fits of wheezing three times.

We still do not eat wheat. But avoiding wheat only helped after her atlas (first bone in the neck) was adjusted and its position corrected with an upper cervical procedure.

Upper cervical care has given us our daughter back. And she is happy and healthy.

What’s the connection between the spine and conditions involving auto-immune responses?

Thanks for reading this story from my colleague Dr. Jonathon Oliver, about the lengths he went to help his daughter with eczema and contact dermatitis.

While he don’t yet know the full details on why corrections to the upper neck area can influence aspects of the body’s inflammation and immune system, we suspect that the Vagus Nerve is involved in these kind of responses.

You can read more about these connections here:

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