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Three secret ways to save on chiropractic care near Auburn Hills, MI

Do you want to save money on chiropractic care near Auburn Hills, Michigan? Great! There are at least three secret ways that you can do it.

What makes them so secret?

Because what you’re about to learn adds value to your care, while doing the opposite of what most people assume to be true.

​27 signs your problem is coming from your neck​?

​A free instant checklist from an upper cervical perspective

So, be prepared to have your mind stretched about as long as your dollar. Are you ready?

Don’t delay your chiropractic care.

Common sense says that putting off a problem is the easiest way to NOT spend money on it. When it comes to your spine, nothing is further from the truth.

Putting off quality spinal care is basically saying that you’d rather pay more later than a little now. So putting off that chiropractic appointment is kind of like dumping motor oil into a leaky car, and hoping the problem will just go away. Chances are it won’t.

And why not? Because when the spine is locked down into a distressed position, it will experience more wear and tear on one side than the other. For most, this is a progressive and degenerative condition. Degenerative means it will break down. Progressive means it will get worse.

The only question is where and when. Although everyone is a little different, most would actually save dollars and cents to unlock that distressed spine now, rather than later.

So the secret to saving money on chiropractic care is this: get that problem taken care of now, before it becomes a bigger problem later.

Don’t insist on using insurance.

Common sense says that your primary concern when choosing a chiropractor is who is going to pay for your care.

For many chiropractic patients near Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Hills and the surrounding areas, this looks like the cheapest ticket to getting a chiropractic adjustment.

But, often times, looks are deceiving.

For a short time, paying for chiropractic by only going in network and only doing what your network will allow might be cheaper. But the emphasis is on for a short time. And here’s why.

    1. Until you’ve met your deductible, you’re going to be paying cash for care. That’s right. Even if you have chiropractic benefits, you’re still going to be making a payment if you have a deductible.

So, choosing a chiropractor based on who “takes your insurance” may not really matter until your relationship is already established.

If it feels kind of odd to choose a chiropractor not on a referral or reputation, but only because your insurance might pay after you’ve already paid hundreds to this should. Because it is a little odd.

    2. And here’s the other reason why the common sense ideas on insurance and chiropractic is wrong. Using chiropractic benefits actually drives up the long term costs of your chiropractic care, because it drives up the cost of care to administer those benefits.

How can we prove this? It’s easy: call any health care practice you can find in the yellow pages, and ask them about their discount for cash paying patients.

From foot doctors, to dentists, to orthopedists, it’s always cheaper to help a cash paying patient than it is to bill that patient’s insurance.

So next the secret to saving money on chiropractic care is this: choose a chiropractor based on his or her reputation and experience helping persons with problems like yours.

If it just so happens that you can get some insurance reimbursement, that’s fine. But it may just be cheaper to ask if there’s a cash paying discount. And your care might actually be a little better too. Because your chiropractor will be working directly for you. Not your insurance company.

Don’t just go where it’s convenient.

The last common sense thought about chiropractic care that you should give up is this: going where its convenient is going to save you time and money.

Here’s the real secret: going where the emphasis is on stability and holding your alignment is more important than convenience.

For many, upper cervical chiropractic care is the alternative choice in chiropractic care. One they appreciate, because upper cervical doctors emphasize holding the alignment more than they emphasize getting adjustments.

The upper cervical chiropractic care philosophy can be summarized in one phrase: quality is more important than quantity.

For many, getting care from an out-of-the way upper cervical chiropractor may end up being more convenient and cost-effective over the long term than receiving adjustments from the closest chiropractic office.



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Dr. Zachary Ward first discovered the power of spinal care after watching his little brother heal from debilitating pain. Now he practices a unique form of chiropractic care that offers you the opportunity to experience your body in a new, freer way. Contact him via social media or via the contact form to request a ten minute health review. He also blogs at

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