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Not confident enough to start exercising on your own? Read this

These are the exercises beginners need. Especially those beginners who are confused and intimidated by most of the fitness industry.

“Can you feel it?”

Recently I sent these words out to my private practice newsletter, asking for a response.

Here’s what I wrote:

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“Now that mother nature is teasing us with sunshine and warm air you might be starting to feel that draw to crawl out of hibernation.

“You might look back at your plans for activity after January 1st and say to yourself…Oh, yes, well, about that…

“You might be ready to get back on the exercise wagon while also thinking to yourself…

“Was I ever on the right wagon for me? Where do I start?

“If this is you, then I’d like to introduce you to a series of short exercises that are perfect for beginners that you can do with almost zero equipment in the comfort of your own home.

“And zero exercise experience is required.

“I would like to provide you with step by step instruction on how to do these exercises and how to modify them for you.”

I asked my newsletter readers which of them was interested in learning these exercises, and the response was very, very high. I was only expecting to get a handful of people saying “yes.”

As it turns out, there are a lot of people who are hungry for very basic information about working-out at home, who don’t feel like they know who to trust or where to turn to when it comes time to look for information.

If this is you, then you’re not alone.

It’s not your fault that you’re confused. There are good reasons you haven’t just thrown yourself into a routine, afraid you might do something wrong to hurt yourself…Or afraid to start something that doesn’t help you, perhaps only to see it fail.

The world is drowning in exercise and fitness experts with any number of YouTube Channels, Instagram followings, and Facebook videos.

Their hair and skin is flawless. Their bodies are ripped. And while they might look good on video, they aren’t really teaching to you…

Almost all of these personalities make their lessons for novice to advanced fitness users with some experience under their belt. Most of them are Millenials talking to Millenials and they assume you’re way more confident than you probably are.

I personally watch and review all kinds of fitness videos and content, and I’m often left scratching my head why they move so fast and make the routines so complicated.

There is almost no teaching specifically for beginners…Especially mature, beginners who haven’t done consistent or intentional exercise in decades.

My personal friend wants to teach you the exercise building blocks

That’s why I was really happy to preview a set of basic, exercise building blocks from a personal friend and fitness expert named Stephanie.

How did I know that Stephanie’s approach to teaching fitness for true beginners would be a blast of fresh air for people who are intimidated by the fitness industry?

Because I personally know her, and who some her clients are, and their life stories. As a personal trainer Stephanie thrives while working with older women and couples who are looking to get stronger, have more confidence, and get more out of life as they age.

Most of her clients are in the 60+ age range, and some are even in their 80s!

Some are returning to exercise after decades of not working out. And many are working out for the first time. And all of them are doing it in the comfort of their own homes, with minimal or no equipment whatsoever.

In other words, after years working with the “toughest” (really the sweetest) beginners, she knew what needed to be done to give even the most nervous, feeling-out-of-shape Baby Boomer a sense of confidence and control through a workout routine.

So, I’m happy to report Stephanie has launched a simple online platform for you to try-out and use. It’s a simple click, sign-up, and push play to start watching.

Stephanie’s Three Minute Total Body Workout for Beginners is all about starting small and gaining momentum.

Right now Stephanie is offering her program at a huge discount. Only because it’s new. She wants you to be able to try it out and have you offer her some feedback as it’s in the final refining stage before she raises the price.

Stephanie is not an internet fitness guru. She is a real life fitness guru who loves working with people like you, and is very happy to put her real-life knowledge in your hands to help you build confidence, get stronger, have more energy, and elevate your zest for life.

This link will take you to her page where you can watch a short video, and then sign-up. I’ve seen behind the scenes on these videos, and this isn’t something that you want to miss.

Click this link to see a video of Stephanie.

The start of a whole new era could be just a few minutes away. You can do this!






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