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Three millimeters to headache freedom?

Three millimeters to headache freedom?

Many cases of chronic and recurring head pain (like tension head ache, migraine, etc.) are treated by focusing on the head…Where the pain appears to be.

But many cases of chronic headache may actually be stemming from biomechanical problems in the neck and deserve to have an evaluation from a chiropractic provider, especially one with advanced training in upper cervical procedures.

Here is one story and feedback from an elementary school teacher who showed a quick and amazing transformation after receiving a cervical correction over winter break.

Are my headaches actually coming from my neck?

This teacher with chronic headaches experienced an immediate return to cervical curve with our cervical alignment procedures.

She writes:

“I was getting headaches multiple afternoons and evenings each week. I attributed this to many things: a hard day’s work, bad classroom fluorescent lighting, or lack of caffeine.

It was never a pounding headache or migraine, so I thought it was just something that I had to deal with. Occasionally caffeine would help, but often, it wouldn’t help.

I stopped trying headache medicines as these helped even less frequently.

When a headache developed, I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be good company that evening and would need to go to bed early.

Often I would press my fist against my forehead for temporary relief so I could make it through dinner.

I remember talking to my older sister about this once, suggesting I would need to get off the phone soon to get to bed due to another headache.

She inquired as to how often I got headaches. Her reaction surprised me…She explained that it wasn’t normal to get 3 to 5 headaches per week.

I remember her saying she doesn’t get any headaches, and neither should I.

This conversation led me to Dr. Zach Ward, an Upper Cervical Chiropractor…He was amazingly patient and personable.

I recall there was minimal soreness for half a day following my appointment [for first correction].

I quickly got back into the swing of things after winter break.

School was back in session, and I began waiting for my headaches to return. January came, then February…In fact I made it right up until the end of June before I felt another headache!”

-Cassie, Elementary teacher

The x-rays show a return of the neck and skull to the upright axis after one correction.

Should I visit an upper cervical chiropractor for my headaches?

There are many options you have when trying to find a headache solution. There are many providers who are quite knowledgeable about headaches with whom you might want to meet.

However, chiropractors with advanced training in the neck, have a proven track record for safety and effectiveness when it comes to headache and neck pain, as demonstrated by research. (1)

Many people cannot exercise or stretch themselves out of these biomechanical breakdowns. They need help from an upper cervical chiropractor.


1. Eriksen K, Rochester RP, Hurwitz EL. Symptomatic reactions, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction associated with upper cervical chiropractic care: A prospective, multicenter, cohort study BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders201112:219



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