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Announcing the Winter Boot Drive of 2024 (to benefit homeless)

The winter boot drive is coming back for the 5th time. We are collecting new and gently used boots for the homeless that will be given to a group that distributes food and clothes to homeless (housing insecure) in Detroit.

What kind of boots are we seeking?

Getting the boots ready for drop-off

Generally a men’s style winter boot in men’s sizes 8-13. In other words, there should be some sort of winter lining in the boot. New boots can be found on discount at many big box stores, often for under $35, from Mid- January to the start of February.

We will accept women’s and boots for children as well, however, men’s boots of the above sizes are the most in demand.

If you want to drop a few dollars into the boot kitty, it will be available at the front desk at Life In Alignment. A few dollars here and there does add up to a pair of boots pretty quickly and we can save you the hassle of ordering or picking up boots.

We are also taking used winter boots from years prior as well.

When and where can you drop off your winter boot donation?

Picking up boots at discount

Here at Life in Alignment between January 2024 to the first week of February 2024.

What’s the pay-off?

Good feelings! You’ll be helping to close a gap in survival and comfort, as winter boots are an uncommon donation item.

Plus, for each pair of boots you donate I will enter you into a contest for a special prize that will be announced in our email newsletter.

We average around 30 pairs of boots per year and hope to do the same for 2024!

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