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Dominoes Falling - Chiropractic Alignment Metaphor

How can I hold my alignment better? Tips for new patients (Part 5)

Sometimes people get frustrated that they aren’t completely holding their alignment like they believe they should.

(By “holding alignment”, we mean maintaining positive posture/spine changes with decreasing symptoms over time.)

Why we want you to hold your alignment sooner rather than later if possible

I always want the spine to experience greater stability sooner rather than later. Why? Because people who hold their alignment quickly tend to get better, immediate results and then can go on to do some deeper healing.

And it’s in my best interest for you to get quick results (within the first 4 to 6 weeks) because I have a referral based practice. As in 60-75% of people who I help come see me because someone else they know recommended me.

No recommendations = no practice.

So, I’m very, very interested in you getting better, while helping you be realistic about the healing process. Again, it’s a process.

Are you making these (50) mistakes?

One of the major mistakes people make is not realizing how they are weakening their own alignment. Both by the things they do, and the things they don’t do.

Today we are going to cover the things people do that threaten their alignment, specifically the alignment of the neck. In fact, we are going to cover 50 of them.

(This isn’t a comprehensive list. There are more than 50 potential irritants to your spine…But, this is a great place to start to get your thinking about what you’re doing with your body and how it might affect you.)

  1. Sleeping on your stomache
  2. Sleeping on your side without proper neck support
  3. Reading in bed with a book on your chest
  4. Watching television in bed with your chin on your chest
  5. Falling asleep on the arm of the couch
  6. Falling asleep upright in a chair
  7. Falling asleep upright in a chair and waking up with an ear resting on one shoulder
  8. Falling asleep anywhere other than your bed
  9. Propping your head up on your hands, fist or palm under your jaw for more than a few seconds at a time
  10. Looking up for more than a minute at a time, be it stargazing, bird-watching, or painting a ceiling

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