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Illustrates question about what is normal for chiropractic patients

Is this normal? Tips for new patients (Part 1)

Yes, it’s normal to forget stuff. So our first big tip for new chiropractic patients is to write things down.

If this is your first time working with a chiropractor who adjusts like I do, then consider writing down the changes you experience, and here’s why

Some of the aches, pains, irritations, and illnesses that you regularly lived with are going to change, switch places, and disappear. And you’re going to forget they were there, or what exactly they felt like.

And there’s a good chance that a problem from the past might show up again, and that will get your attention. (We will talk about why later.)

If you experience a change, and you want to report it to me, then set a reminder. Set a note on your smart phone. Or write it down somewhere where you will remember.

Some people update me via texts or emails when they think of it. (Text the office line 248-598-4002 and I’ll see it before your next visit.)

The advanced among us will often keep a diary of their physical activities and eating choices and how they felt afterward in the form of a journal. I’m not saying you have to keep a journal, but it’s example of the lengths some people go to to track their health over time!

It’s good to recognize that our memory is made to forget the details of physical pain. We are made to have amnesia about our pain and suffering as a survival mechanism.

When looking back to chart your progress, sometimes it is hard to get perspective without some of those details from the past to look back upon and review. So, when in doubt about a change you’re experiencing, write it down and bring it up to me.

No detail is too small, especially at the beginning.

Have a question about whether anything else is normal, usual, or typical over the course of your chiropractic care? Send us a question.

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