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why does my chiropractor recommend repeat visits

Is it all about the money? Why does my chiropractor recommend return visits? (Q&A – 2)

A common question asked online by chiropractic patients (or potential patients) is about the need to return for repeat visits. Websites like Quora and Reddit have a large variety of posts regarding this subject.

Without fail there is always the cynical answer from at least one participant who says that repeat visits to the chiropractor’s office are simply about the money. Nothing more.

So, is “it all about the money?” Or are there logical and physiological reasons for the recommendation of repeat visits that will serve the the interests of the patient?

The physio(logical) reasons chiropractic care requires more than a couple of visits

I answer this question in the short video below, and I encourage you to watch it.

I address the false assumptions that are often not asked or voiced with discussing this topic. I discuss tissue the reality of healing times, which few practitioners actually address with their patients.

I also answer from the perspective of a structural chiropractor using upper cervical chiropractic procedures (and a few other tools), who always does two things:

  • Delivers chiropractic care that people want
  • Always tells the truth about what I believe the patient may need in the long term to help their alignment last

What this looks like is this: when people insist on using chiropractic adjustments as a symptom fix, and a symptom fix only, I’m happy to care for them. When people are tired of only using adjustments as just a symptom fix, I’m happy to outline a plan that will increase the likelihood of stability and balance in their spine for the future.

Contrary to popular ideas on the Internet, I have personally examined many patients several years beyond their initial care plan (6 to 12 weeks) and found that their initial posture improvement (leg length differential, pelvic rotation, lean of thoracic spine, and head tilt) was still present! In other words, they were still holding major aspects of their total body alignment months to years later. And this is possible because these patients allowed me to help them for more than “just a few visits.”

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